Friday, January 9, 2015

Marapipi and Sambawan Island

I made it in time when the boat going to Marapipi Island was just about to leave. I let out my biggest smile that afternoon while I entered the boat. Inside were a few passengers, mostly locals of Marapipi. Some were entrepreneurs carrying sacks of goods and other supplies to sell in the island. A lot of them were staring at me; who is this unfamiliar guy with a big backpack, catching his breath but cannot hide his big smile as the boat is on its way to our island?



Marapipi is a municipality and one of the two volcanic islands in the province of Biliran. Unlike Biliran mainland, Marapipi has only one prominent mountain in its center while its fifteen small barangays surround it. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Biliran Province

A couple of days before my scheduled solo backpacking trip, I had some major change of plans. I really wanted to see Biri Island's amazing rock formations, or even revisit Palompon's Kalanggaman Island since I was not able to enjoy the place during my first time there (cue: Blame It On The Alcohol). I had lots of options as I browsed through the map of Eastern Visayas. I was like a kid walking around a huge toy store. I polished two very detailed itineraries: one in Northern Samar with Biri Island as the main target, and another one in Eastern Samar + northern part of Leyte. I had no idea at that time that neither itineraries will be followed. I guess spontaneity is better when you are looking for a more thrilling way to discover yourself and the country. Two days before my flight, I got my eye on a province in the region named Biliran...


Biliran is an island province located in the Eastern Visayas region. It is Philippines' fourth smallest province which lies off the northern coast of Leyte. It's nearest Daniel Z. Romualdez airport if you plan to go there via air. Traveling via land in Manila would constitute thirty hours of butt torturing bus ride. It also has a port which is located in the municipality of Naval, Biliran's capital.